Individual (T1)

Tax planning and preparation form a winning combination for our clients. Whether you are self employed or an employee, our experienced staff has unique experience in meeting the personal tax needs as specifically pertains to those in the entertainment industry.

We have clients with every mix of citizenship and residency situation, and deliver unrivalled expertise to prepare your returns correctly and completely in each jurisdiction.

Our services include:
• Preparation of Canadian federal personal tax returns (T1), and provincial returns as needed
• Preparation of non-resident personal tax returns, and other special tax returns
• Preparation of GST/HST returns
• Preparation of tax elections (e.g. principal residence, capital gains exemption)
• Preparation of Foreign Property disclosures (T1135)
• Identification and follow-up on possible tax credits and deductions available to you
• Advice regarding decisions with tax consequences (e.g. RRSPs, salary/dividend, lease/buy)
• Responses to CRA audits, pre-assessment reviews, processing reviews, objections, fairness, and other requests
• Voluntary disclosures (elimination of penalties)

We also provide similar services to those requiring US personal tax returns.