Most businesses in Canada, whether they are sole proprietors or corporations, are responsible for collecting and remitting sales taxes in many different jurisdictions – each of which may have differing thresholds and requirements for local registrations.

Let us handle this for you! We can assist your business in the compilation of needed information and preparation of sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner. Our sales tax preparation services are second to none!

Please contact us for more information on the following services:

• Opening a GST/HST account, or PST account
• Completing GST/HST returns, or PST returns
• Determining installment amounts
• Closing any sales tax accounts
• Responses to CRA audits, objections, fairness, and other requests

The rules for GST/HST can be complex to follow, and can vary significantly depending on fine criteria. Our extensive experience with the full spectrum of income types helps ensure that your sales tax reporting is filed correctly and efficiently.