Financial Statements

Our experienced team is ready to help you meet your financial reporting requirements. Our clients choose us for our personal touch, and our integrated approach to meeting your business needs. We don’t just summarize your accounts – we see our role in reporting as an opportunity to provide controllership functions resulting in constructive solutions for maximizing your profitability and efficiency.

These financial statements can be a useful tool for making financial decisions, and support the preparation of the appropriate tax returns.

By specializing in the entertainment industry, we are doing what we know best – thus ensuring our clients receive full value for the fees they pay. We try to avoid providing services to client in other industries when we do not have the level of expertise needed unless their needs are more perfunctory, such as providing just financial statements and tax returns.

Our client base includes those working in the following areas:

• Actors
• Producers
• Musicians
• Comedians
• Directors
• Professional athletes
• Tours/concerts

As a matter of specialization, we do not conduct audit or review engagements, but can refer you to trusted experts in those fields if required.